What is happening in Vietnam?

In the last few weeks Vietnam has been struggling to manage the damages caused by recent storms that have left more than 250,000 households in six provinces "inundated," since mid-October, and many areas  in 2 or 3 meters of water, according to the Vietnamese National Army. These floods and landslides have left more than 100 people dead and 20 missing as the numbers continue to rise. 

Tropical Storm Saudel is scheduled to hit the central Vietnam on Saturday and will cause damages that will affect the country’s agriculture, irrigation and transport. 

The floods have caused immense damage to agriculture of the country with More than 7,200 hectares of food crops flooded and damaged, and more than 691,000 cattle and poultry have been killed or swept away in floodwater.

"These devastating floods are some of the worst we have seen in decades," Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, the president of Vietnam's Red Cross Society, said in a statement Tuesday.

Vietnam's flooding has left hundreds of thousands in urgent need of emergency shelter, safe drinking water, food, and income support, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

These floods also continue to worsen the COVID-19 situation for the country as many Vietnamese were already suffering due to lock down restrictions and loss of their businesses and jobs. 

This news is very close to home for us and we are devastated everyday as we are updated on the destruction of our homeland. This year was a heavy year for the entire world. We have all been effected by COVID-19 in one way or another. But can you imagine just for a moment that you also had to face this kind of devastation on top of everything else? We live in a country that scrambled to come up with solutions for job losses and unemployment very quickly. It has not been the easiest for us at Toronto PHO adjusting to new restrictions, going back to older ones, and simply running a business during such uncertain times. However, we understand how lucky we are to be in Canada. Unfortunately, in Vietnam there are not such luxuries available for everyone. Many of the families that are effected rely solely on farming to survive and with their homes and crops destroyed, they have nothing. 

This is why they need our help to not only survive but to rebuild. 

Right now, there are thousands of survivors, even babies and kids climbing to the top of their roofs with no power, no food, and no water. Many of those who are isolated have no means of communication whatsoever and merely hope someone will find them and those who do plead for help on social media. 

Many communities have not yet received government aid and members are making their own efforts to source canoes/blow up boats, to collect and distribute food to those suffering.  The Vietnamese Disaster Management Authorities only just put a call out for international support as this new tropical storm is predicted to hit this weekend with devastating repercussions. 


How Can You Help Vietnamese flood victims?

We’ve come up with a way that not only feeds your family but also helps another family in need.

We are donating 100% of our PHO FAMILY pack sales to helping those in need in Vietnam. 

This family pack serves 5 people and includes: rice noodles, rare beef, well-done beef, tripe, beef balls, and tendons.

We hope that being doing this we both can play a small part in assisting the people of Vietnam, many of whom are in a state of helplessness at this time. It is in these times of need where we must come together as a community of good-hearted humans and help those who cannot help themselves. Your donations will go towards life necessities and aiding in rebuilding damages caused by these storms. 

It may be a small gesture but we are hoping to make a big and positive impact. 

You can order this combo online or by calling us at 289 – 401 – 1700. 

We thank you for supporting the people of Vietnam and for always choosing Toronto Pho.