6 Reasons to Love Pho

Pho is the perfect meal in a bowl. It helps to calm appetites, fills up the stomach, and provides energy.


There’s nothing not to like about Vietnamese pho, especially if you’re looking to manage your weight. It is the ultimate healthy comfort food in Toronto, without the calories you’ll find in comparative meals.


So convenient to order, you can have some delivered to your front door if you want within the hour in Toronto!


Here are the top 6 reasons we love pho.


1 – It Plays A Trick on Your Stomach


Despite the fact that pho is mostly broth, our stomach interprets it as food rather than a drink.


Why this is important is because drinks don’t tell to give us a sense of fullness. Food does. As a meal, pho is low-calorie yet makes our stomachs feel full enough to give us the sense that we consumed a larger meal than we actually did.


Studies have also shown this helps reduce those pangs of hunger you may experience mid-afternoon. Do this enough times and you’ll begin to see how eating pho can impact you on a weight scale.


2 – Pho is Very Stimulating


Pho is a collection of aromas, tastes, foods, and visual interests.


It’s a very diverse meal that stimulates the senses which actually aids us in feeling satisfied post-meal.


The visual diversity of pho also slows down the eating process, as we smell, taste, chew, savor, and swallow. A slower pace of eating increases the fullness of the meal and our overall levels of satisfaction when we are done.


3 – Spices And Herbs


Pho is packed with lots of spices and herbs. These are very healthy ways to impact taste while minimizing the use of ingredients like salt and sugar.


Incredibly flavorful, spices and herbs are central to customizing pho according to whether it’s beef, chicken, or vegetarian, and/or culturally speaking.


Spices and herbs help makers of pho focus on making a meal high in fiber and nutrient-dense, and low in fats, calories, and other problematic ingredients commonly found in comfort foods, and soups and stews.


4 – It’s Healthier than Other Soups And Stews


Pho isn’t your run-of-the-mill soup. Pho contains less fat and sodium than the average soup, is gluten-free, and has a healthy amount of fiber.


Pho is also high in protein and provides healthy carbs for the body to use as energy.


Unlike a lot of canned soups and the sort of commercially-available soups found in the grocery store aisle, pho can sneak in a surprisingly large amount of vegetables and a range of natural vitamins.


5 – Pho is A Great Weight Loss Tool


We have already mentioned it a few times. Pho for weight loss has helped many overweight people consume fewer calories and drop pounds quickly. If you’re being told to reduce calorie intake, a meal like pho eaten daily has been shown to help maintain a healthy weight and subsequently also causes people to eat less.


Use it as a starter or first course. Even a small bowl can help reduce the total calories consumed per meal.


The visual cue of a bowl of pho as both a meal and weight loss tool can optimize your eating habits and help bring down total calories without really trying.


6 – Convenience


Ordering pho from your favourite Vietnamese pho restaurant is easy and guarantees a warm dinner.


Especially on a cold day when you want something hot and savory, there’s nothing healthier to eat than pho. It’s a powerful meal that you don’t have to work hard for and that will give your body what it needs to recuperate after a long day and relax you into the early hours of the evening.


With so many different varieties available as well, it’s no wonder that pho has resonated with so many people. You even have vegetarian varieties that can be offered to those looking for meatless pho in Toronto.


TorontoPHO is this city’s top pho restaurant. We serve up dozens of types of pho, customizing each order to the customer. On a chilly winter day, comfort yourself with a warm meal ready to be delivered to your front door. From the carefully-made broth down to the spices, herbs, carbs, proteins, and veggies we put in, there’s nothing not to love about pho in Toronto. Visit TorontoPHO today