What’s the Best Wine and Pho Pairing to Help you Settle into Comfort – read here!


As you know, chicken pho is not the only kind of pho. Beef is also another very popular meat to enter into pho. For any beefy pho, we recommend a delicate Burgundy to match. Why this is is because Burgundy traditionally pairs nicely with tender beef and added into a pho, this is no different. Burgundy also compliments the Umami character found in many Asian dishes.


For authentically prepared Vietnamese food like pho and other tasty dishes, a fun pairing can mean using Gewurztraminer as a complementary wine. Gewurztraminer is a gorgeous wine complementing pho’s sweetness while offsetting some of the spiciness which dominates bowls. This can be a fun, unexpected pairing and not necessarily something to everyone’s taste. That said, those who love it end up loving it a lot!

Sparkling Rose

Let’s say you’re preparing some different types of pho for a dinner and you’re looking for one bottle of wine to work with them all, that’s a high standard to fill. Surprisingly, the best choice is perhaps the Sparkling Rose. Believe us when we say it will compliment any pho. Sparkling Rose pairs well with a wide variety of different foods and will also play off the flavors of meat. Absolutely delicious!

Blood Orange Cocktails

If you don’t want to give a wine with your pho or are looking to try something a little different, blood orange cocktails are wonderfully delicious and generally go well with almost any pho. The taste holds up well against even the most delicious bowls of pho and is another decadent something to sink your teeth into.

These are our top five favourite wine and pho pairings although there are others which work excellently with almost any pho. As pho is a very diverse meal, attention needs to be paid to ingredients used, meat source, herbs, and anything else which could be influencing its taste. For when you don’t want to make the pho at home, visit Toronto Pho. We are the GTA’s best pho, serving premium-made, authentically prepared Vietnamese-style pho in a wonderful range of flavors. Stop in to Toronto Pho today to give our pho a taste!