5 Vietnamese Foods and other East Asian Cuisine you absolutely Need to Try

First on the list is Thai salad which comes served cold. Combining meat and veggies served in a bright, citrusy, and spicy sauce, it’s one salad that feels more like a bulky soup than a salad. The meat selected for Thai salad can vary however the two most common selections are shrimp or beef. Always flavorful, fresh, and somewhat balanced, this is an example of a dish that’s vastly underrated and which has proven to be supremely popular in Thailand as well as across East Asia.

Spring rolls

Fresh rolls are utterly delightful on the tongue. If you’ve ever had an egg roll, a spring roll is sort of like a cousin to it although slightly healthier. Transparent rice paper is used to wrap ingredients inside, which can vary. It’s not uncommon to see shrimp, rice vermicelli, noodles, chicken, and lettuce among other components included in the spring roll. Spring rolls are typically served with a sauce of some kind, sometimes peanut or fish sauce.

Shrimp pad thai

Shrimp pad thai is generally quite spicy although there are milder versions out there. Pad thai is a stir-fried dish made from rice noodles. It includes the aforementioned meat alongside additional items such as peanuts. Shrimp pad thai can have its shrimp replaced with chicken, beef, or tofu as needed.

Pork chop and eggs

The most North American food on this list is probably something you’ve had separate before. Together, a pork chop and eggs are absolutely delicious albeit a little not-so-exotic compared with the other menu items here. Add some rice, sliced tomato, lettuce, and cucumber, and everything’s in place for an absolutely delicious meal.

Vietnamese pho

Pronounced ‘fuh’, there is nothing more ‘Vietnamese cuisine’ than pho. Think of it as a healthier, more balanced version of a stew or soup. Vietnamese pho uses a broth, typically from a beef or chicken base, utilizes rice noodles and other ingredients, and usually includes a meat of some kind, like chicken, beef, or pork. Sometimes, bean sprouts are served on the side. Vietnamese pho is one of the most nutritious meals in East Asian cuisine and continues to gain much attention across Canada for its many health benefits.

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