4 Easy-to-Make Vietnamese Street Food Recipes You Can Enjoy from Home

Chao Ga

Chao ga, also known as chicken congee, is a hearty and unique dish. A chicken broth is prepared from scratch with chicken bones. Garlic and onion is added during this to really bring out the flavor. Then rice is cooked in a chicken broth, absorbing the flavor into it. Enough broth is used to make the rice similar to a porridge. Pulled chicken is then stirred into this rice porridge to essentially complete the dish. The congee is then put into individual bowls and can be served alongside bean sprouts. This dish provides a simple, hearty, and tasty meal that any family would love.

Pho Chay

Pho chay is a pho, or noodle soup, with mushroom and tofu. This makes it a great vegetarian option. The broth for the pho is prepared by boiling together carrots, wombok, and cabbage in a large pot. Ginger, garlic, and onion are roasted together until crisp, and then added to the broth. A mixture of star anise, cassia bark, and coriander seeds is then fried before being added. The noodles are boiled separately and rinsed before being added to the broth. The mushrooms and tofu are diced and divided among the individual bowls of the cooked pho.

Pho Ga

Pho ga is another noodle soup, like pho chay, but with chicken rather than mushrooms and tofu. It is a simple recipe that is great for beginners. Chicken broth is prepared from chicken bones. The broth is further flavored with the addition of roasted onion and garlic. Chicken is added and poached in the broth, before being removed and allowed to cool. The broth is then filtered to remove the bones. Salt, fish sauce, and sugar are added to the broth to increase the flavor even more. The separately cooked noodles are added to the broth and served along with the chicken.

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