See the Best Seasonal Vietnamese Dishes for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter


Come the beginning of the colder part of the year, autumn’s the season of corn. Some of what you can expect to find cooking up in a Vietnamese home includes green rice sausage made from lean pork and pork paste. Green rice cake is also very popular among both tourists and Vietnamese alike.


Winter can be trouble, with the cold and sometimes brutal weather conditions really taking its toll. Winter dishes are all about hearty, warm meals and there’s nothing heartier than a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Coming in from freezing winds and snow, and having a bowl waiting for you is pure heaven. Other popular winter Vietnamese dishes include congee with pork or mussel and deep-fried rice sticks, and stir fry. In some ways, Vietnam and Canada share a lot of similarities in the sense that the season dictates filling, warm meals eaten after long days out in otherwise undesirable conditions.

Eating Vietnamese no matter the season

Vietnam has so many delicious dishes and yet, it’s an ethnic cuisine that prioritizes health and balance over taste. For this reason, Vietnamese eating has been mentioned as one of the healthiest cuisines in the entire world. We could write a whole novel on the power of Vietnamese foods, where they’ve come from, and pho in particular. We’d rather show you though.

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