Why a Vietnamese Stir Fry Continues to Be Just as Popular as Pho to Some Families

As Vietnamese families immigrated to Canada in the years following the Vietnam War, they brought with them family recipes. Part of the struggle in continuing to eat as one’s culture instructed one to was that, in Canada, certain ingredients were tough to find. Slowly but surely, woks grew in popularity and then, due to the spike in Chinese restaurants, a lot of Canadians familiarized themselves with stir fry. So when it came time for the average Vietnamese family to open their own restaurant, still being East Asian, the stir fry was almost expected by average Canadian consumers.

Stir frying is a Vietnamese favourite among many Vietnamese-Canadian families because it’s simple. A pho’s broth for example takes hours to prepare. With a stir fry, you dump in everything spices included. Then, it’s just a matter of heating what needs to be heated and cooking what needs to be cooked. Done right, the result is something quintessentially Vietnamese.

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