Where did Vietnamese Pho Come From and How was it Invented

Now going back even further than that, Vietnam is a country that has always been overseen by international influence. Whether it’s the French, Russians, non-Vietnamese Asians, or Americans, they’ve all brought certain philosophies and cuisine to the region. Unlike other traditional Vietnamese dish which may have been seen as too ethnic by these outside influences, pho is highly adaptable. Over the years, things like beef have been added in, creating almost entirely new dishes and yet, something still uniquely pho.

Pho is also a very balanced meal, something important to Vietnamese cuisine. So many Vietnamese meals are built around elements creating balance. So your pho will never be too sweet or too sour, never too spicy or too meaty, and never too much of any one thing. The Vietnamese consider this the healthiest way to eat. Speaking of health, the popularity of pho in non-Vietnamese communities is attributable to element such as the affordability of the ingredients, the popularity of ethnic cuisine, the rise in interest in environmentally sustainable eating, and the desire to move away from unhealthy foods.

Even during times where the Vietnamese were oppressed under the rule of international armies, pho is something that always could give them the comfort of home. Through pho, it’s believed one connects directly to their culture and homeland. There’s such an affinity to pho from some Vietnamese families that it’s almost like a romantic relationship. Whether you’re from north Vietnam or south Vietnam, pho spans countrywide and is one thing that no matter your background, you can agree on.

The average bowl of pho as we know it in 2019 is usually going to have a fragrant broth mixed with some savory beef, chicken, or pork and completed with rice noodles. Pho ends up being enriching as a meal and as comforting as any comfort food out there.

Today, pho is considered the national dish of Vietnam. It’s certainly their greatest export when we’re talking Vietnamese cuisine. If you’re looking to grab some pho in Toronto or the GTA, the best pho in Canada can be found at Toronto Pho. Choose from several varieties! More than just another neighborhood pho shop, Toronto Pho has expanded on different Vietnamese cuisine concepts to come up with a different versions of the much-loved soup-esque meal. So for something extra special that we know you’ll savor, drop in for some pho anytime in Toronto.